Sustainability Platforms

Delivering “Game Changing” Solutions for Practical Planners

BESI was formed to develop applications for alternative and renewable energy technologies, delivering “game changing” solutions for client requirements.

BESI has been developing gasification systems for use by the US Military R&D community since 2007.

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Gasification: Conversion and Energy

A BESI platform utilizing mixed materials containing carbon for clean, efficient energy production in a predictable, robust system for drop-in integration at commercial or industrial sites, and to integrate with water production, cleaning, or generation at municipal facilities at almost any volume or scale.

EXAMPLE: Mixed waste plastics to EV charging for fleets.


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Carbon Solutions and Greenhouse Gas Management

A BESI sustainability solution that captures gases such as methane and CO2 and economically produces useful chemicals to eliminate emissions in many industries.

EXAMPLE: Methane from digester facilities conversion into transportable methanol for fuel for a liquid energy source from renewable sources.


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Water Production Capability

Developing a source of clean drinking water using membrane-based technology instead of installing piping infrastructure forms the foundation of this BESI sustainability platform.

EXAMPLE: Replacing plastic water bottles with a water cooler that never needs to be filled for remote areas and disaster recovery.


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Education and Academic

A BESI platform to provide outreach and impactful engagement with communities of interest. BESI–developed applications in innovative technology are opportunities to understand aspects and attributes of the technology itself, particularly for a unique approach to corporate projects.

Engagement with communities of interest such as the US DoD and local Base communities provide context to improve the application for its specific purpose, and to have an optimized outcome.

By engaging with the academic community via university, junior college, and technical institution outreach, BESI provides technology background for their use.

This outreach to students provides the foundation for a new generation of decision makers to manage our planet in the future. As many organizations undertake sustainability as a course of study and the job market in this field expands, the cross-discipline technologies which comprise the BESI programs can be better understood, advanced, and the potential for use will grow exponentially.


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Besi Sustainability Platforms