Commercial Development Support Services

BESI Process Design supports the utility, integration, and operation of innovative technology in meeting the designated goals and objectives of each client.

Our Validation and Verification Programs provide support for permitting activities, including verification testing and demonstrations that provide for financial, technical, and operational activities during planning. They are also used for upgrading current systems and planning for future upgrades, such as adding innovation to traditional systems (i.e., hydrogen generation and use from plastics when planning for a felt upgrade) .

BESI Data Verification aids in theoretical analysis for support of planning current and future.

BESI Risk Mitigation Analysis is developed with an engineering company for the project owner and the financial partner. It is tailored to meet the needs of performance-based analysis for financial planning in procurement as well as financing.

Innovative technology requires proof that is decisively usable by the project developer. As a result of our past performance for the US DoD, BESI is uniquely qualified to provide this support.

Using BESI’s process requires less time through development to operations, while mitigating risk and saving money for a project developer.

Commercial supply and development is available through Core Sustainable and its partners.

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