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Gasification: Clean Conversion and Renewable Energy

This treatment for mixed plastic waste is not new, but replaces currently accepted large scale systems that use technologies of burning and incineration, eliminating the challenging outputs they create. Gasification uses similar preprocessing steps for these feedstocks, but the conversion into a gas in this process has a very different set of outputs, including carbonless fuels; hydrogen.

As a cleaner alternative, gasification has had a following for many years and decades of research has yielded many technologies that sound alike. BESI has developed a robust reactor and balance of plant platform using the most efficient gasification technology developed to date at small and large volumes.

Beginning with films and packaging, materials from public utilities such as PFAS and PFOS-contaminated biosolids and screenings from wastewater facilities, recycling challenges such as tires, wood, cardboard, and plastic bottles, even when they are mixed together, BESI has data and results from working with these materials with an in-depth research focus for one of the biggest users of energy on the planet; the United States military.

Gasification technology work at BESI has been under contract for development and verification with the US DoD for over two decades, with BESI supplying design, engineering, prototypes, operations, and additional integration including oxygen and innovative and integrated energy systems. It can easily be integrated with other technologies, such as pyrolysis, solar and hydrogen fueling.

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    In the gasification process exclusive to BESI, a rotary-kiln vessel delivers ease of use and robust operation to deliver efficient and clean performance. The integration of innovative energy delivery through boilers, combustors, chillers, and specialty engines is demonstrated by the technology developer.

    BESI’s gasification platform offers a community-based solution for plastic waste, especially when combined with other materials. It cleanly produces energy for immediate use in a wide variety of outputs, including electricity for EV charging, hydrogen, as well as simple thermal energy, such as hot water and steam for central facilities.

    Unique Advantage

    One unique advantage of this technology is its current availability for application by project developers, researchers, and developers of policy in the US and abroad.

    Each BESI project is individually designed to optimize performance in meeting the needs of the client. To provide confidence to project stakeholders, project designs are tested at the BESI facility using state-of-the-art research hardware at full scale for most client needs.

    Communities of Interest include:

    • Municipalities, industrial and commercial owners/operators of the system.
    • Those interested in developing new energy infrastructure for cities as a distributed energy solution to augment the central grid.
    • Entities seeking additions to current district energy facilities for expansion.
    • Organizations looking for a simple and clean approach to keeping plastics from reaching the ocean, and when removing those that do, having a clean and sustainable method for making good use of them.

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