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Water Production Capability

BESI’s atmospheric harvesting membrane system is the equivalent of a water cooler that never needs to be filled. By providing water production facilities that meet the individual needs of the location, single or multiple facilities can serve a need or meet a requirement that the water infrastructure is lacking for many US communities; traditional piping to remote locations is extremely cost-intensive; developed areas are facing rapidly declining water supplies due to climate change.

Different than traditional condensation or evaporation, the membrane that collects the water actually provides filtering of impurities and the collection is a starting point for use of the new source.

Approach to infrastructure needs is a specific and very local step for innovation in water. Applications include producing water instead of piping to remote locations as well as developing resources to address wildfires, provide food production, disaster recovery efforts, and communities seeking resiliency.

To develop each appropriately, the advantage of BESIs tools cannot be overstated. BESI is ready to work with leaders in the areas and is able to provide integration with other BESI platforms as needed.

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