BESI Facilities and Personnel Fast-Track Solutions for

Industries, municipalities, and commercial clients toward sustainable utilities at current facilities.

Standing assets by BESI that incorporate BESI processes and innovative design are a $50MM head start for companies seeking sustainability in waste management. Additional leading-edge water production and GHG assets currently underway are available exclusively from BESI.

BESI develops computer modeling based on its technologies and performance, including modeling of costs as well as environmental benefit.

Education, training, and academic support for programs can be provided by BESI to any of the communities of interest we serve.


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Sustainability Consultation

BESI develops programs and plans of sustainability for each client’s specific needs and goals. Tailored to achieve defined objectives, they can be integrated with an engaged Applied Research program and can incorporate educational or training programs or support commercial developers.


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Applied Research

BESI offers a full range of Applied Research services from basic research to developing a program to prove out at scale or develop a solution for a client. Our analysis and evaluations result in the identification and verification of innovation as applied to a client’s precise needs.


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Engineering & Development

Fundamental to success in innovation is the engineering and process design of a project. This is just one of the many cornerstone skills of BESI. Partnership is another. Our teams work in close collaboration with other project stakeholders, such as civil, industrial and EPC engineers, as well as project sponsors.


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Commercial Development Support

BESI Process Design supports the utility, integration, and operation of innovative technology in meeting the designated goals and objectives of each client. All services above can be accessed as solid planning tools for commercial rest mitigation to secure project success.


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Prototype Delivery

BESI has provided prototypes of many different types to universities, commercial companies, and the US DoD. Purpose-built, these systems serve as a model for a client’s specific use, scale, input, output, local climate, generic product, university research facility, training system or technology core integration.


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Climate Tech Laboratory Design

BESI looks to expand the education and engagement of others across our many climate technologies and in developing new laboratory facilities that establish the foundation for more research and expansion into new areas.


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Besi Sustainability Platforms