Prototype Delivery

BESI has provided prototypes of many different types to universities, commercial companies, and the US DoD. Purpose-built, these systems serve as a model for a client’s specific use, scale, input, output, local climate, generic product, university research facility, training system or technology, core integration.

BESI services include an evaluation process to determine the specific system to be delivered, including budgets and potential locations; provide the engineering and process design, cost estimates, and general definition of the prototype project. Based on the needs of a client BESI may be contracted to deliver the system or can work with others to do so.

Clients benefit from BESI’s specific experience and the ability to perform this very important set of tasks. As a research organization BESI provides the needed support for delivery of a system as efficiently and quickly as possible. Underscoring the performance capability are our past projects in innovative system design that have been consistently completed on-time and on-budget.

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