Active Climate Tech Programs

By developing tools for the US DoD, BESI has built, tested, and evaluated a spectrum of options that can provide solutions for climate issues almost anywhere in the world. The platforms each have active programs with roots in cause, effect, community affected, and benefits derived.

At BESI, new programs are welcome, as are stakeholders from every part of this process. Challenges to current thinking and traditional infrastructure are increasingly being recognized. As we enter the next phase of development facing our planet, these programs must be implemented locally, by communities of interest in order to be sustainable and they must be replicated to have impact. Most importantly, funding must be available for them to begin.

Active Climate Tech Programs Include:

  • End of Life Plastics
  • Post Collection Ocean Debris
  • Carbonless Fuel Solutions
  • Methane to Fuel
  • CO2 to Fuel
  • Drinking Water Infrastructure Alternatives
  • Renewable EV Source Power
  • Renewable Battery and EV Charging
  • Atmospheric Water Harvesting
  • CO2 Sequestration and Conversion

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