Engineering Services

Experience in over 50 different types of gasification projects - from concept design and product development to plant commissioning and operations- has provided BESI with extensive capabilities in engineering services related to waste to energy and gasification.

In the first stages of developing a renewable or alternative energy project, BESI compiles information developed with the Client for the specific project, and uses this information to define the Client’s requirements. These services include basic theoretical assistance for project developers:

  • Feasibility Study

  • Feedstock Availability Analysis

  • Business Case Analysis

  • Environmental Analysis and Regulatory Criteria

  • Technology Assessment and Comparison

  • Efficiency Comparison

  • Integrated Conceptual Design of WTE Solution

Working with other engineering services providers is key in project success, and BESI has provided support and has excellent working relationships with providers worldwide.

Additional BESI engineering services are available as part of a more advanced project phase; Design and Integration.