Design and Integration Services

Gasification and other WTE technologies are practical approaches to waste utilization when provided as part of an integrated system. BESI has developed the most advanced balance-of-plant technologies in alternative energy from waste, proven them in demonstrations and integrated them to provide a highly efficient and value-added processing plant that is reliable, compact and flexible in operations.

Using an integrated approach also extends to the Client requirements; BESI employs its significant depth in technology development, design and hands-on experience to provide the necessary engineering design services relevant to the turnkey integration/implementation of its alternative energy solutions to meet the Client needs.

As BESI Clients use the systems as stand-alone or to replace another fuel source, significant integration into Client facilities can often be required. BESI provides simple planning tools to meet Client requirements:

  • Conceptual Design

  • Detailed Engineering

  • Procurement and Manufacturing Package

  • Installation Engineering

  • Operation Integration

This work can be contracted separately as an independent evaluation project, or provided as the preliminary step to the turnkey installation of equipment.

Internally, BESI design engineers work closely with the personnel that will ultimately be responsible for commissioning the facility. The BESI Technical Commissioning Team has experience in all aspects of the process, from project definition, to engineering design to operating and troubleshooting a commercial-scale gasification system. The information this Team gains is vital to the knowledge base about the technologies they operate, and is incorporated into the work of the BESI design engineers. As they often are the first to operate technology in new applications the Technical Commissioning Team they are also part of the design, training and transition teams.